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The following appeared December 13, 2005 in the

"Boca man gets a charge out
of his second all-electric car".
By Dale M. King
Boca Raton News Staff Writer

ublished December 13, 2005

   While bureaucrats haggle about the expediency of automobiles powered by hydrogen, electricity or gasoline-electric combinations, Richard Newman of Boca Raton is far ahead of the pack.

   He just took delivery of his second totally electric car, a purple, 2006 one-seat vehicle called the NmG-1 that can travel up to 75 miles an hour for up to 40 to 50 miles on a single charge. The car plugs into an standard electric outlet outside his home.

   Actually, Newman, a local philanthropist, long-time science buff, collector and owner of a vast collection of scientific artifacts, has a couple of the cars. The gold one is a 2000 model - the sixth Corbin Sparrow to roll off the line at the assembly plant in Hollister, California. That firm built only 255 of the one seat vehicles before folding on March 31, 2003.

   Myers Motors has picked up where Corbin left off. It bought out the electric car company, and after a couple of years of retooling and revamping, it has brought the vehicle back to life.

   The first of the Myers built cars - vehicle Number 001 - now sits in Newman's driveway, next to it's golden predecessor.

   Newman's gold colored car bears the Florida tad "ELCTRC" The newer one has a temporary plate now, but will eventually have "No Gas 1" on the plate.

   For their size, the cars are loaded. His gold Sparrow is equipped with power windows (standard), a rearview camera, a combination AM-FM-CD-DVD player and an XM satellite receiver. He said he designed the rearview camera and the audio-video player.

   You might see the owner of the only fully electric cars on the East Coast driving around the neighborhood. But you can find out a lot about him, his cars and his collections at

   You might also have seen them on the silver screen. He noted that the original Sparrows were featured in several movies, including Austin Powers' "Goldmember".

   Newman owns both the gold Sparrow and the purple NmG. But he had (also) been taking care of another Sparrow, a blue one which he arranged to be lent to the South Florida Science Museum for a display. That one is heading back to Myers Motors in Ohio to update it's operating systems.

   Newman said the gold Sparrow has already undergone modernization so it's electrical system is on par with the 2006 model.

   He said Myers Motors plans to manufacture only 30 of the Sparrow successors, making them the most limited edition vehicle ever. Then, the company will retool for it's "next generation all-electric vehicle due out in late 2006 or early 2007" he said.

   Newman, owner of High-Tech Productions, a videotape and disc duplication company, said he loans many of his collectables to schools and museums for educational purposes.

   As part of his business, he also distributes videotape, boxes and labels to government agencies, school systems, the military and police departments coast-to-coast.

   He said has helped Myers Motors with many design improvements with the NmG vehicle. "We are proud and satisfied just being able to help a company bring a cleaner, non-polluting vehicle to the market" he said.

   Newman's home is a haven of alternative energy sources. He has a 50,000 watt, dual fuel generator that runs on either natural gas or propane. The Newman house was cut off from Florida Power & Light during Hurricane Wilma. But the generator kicked in three seconds after electricity stopped - and kept going.

   He said he and his wife drove around in the electric cars without worrying about getting gasoline.

   He also has a massive grill, pool and party area outside his house. He opened it up to neighbors who visited, ate and enjoyed pinball and video games during the eight days that electric power was off following Wilma.

   "Everyone has a blast" he said.

   For more information about Newman’s electric vehicle and science centers visit

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