"Virtual Game Show"
A science themed animated/automated/interactive Game Show
a concept by: Rick Newman     HighTechScience.org

Robotic Informational Consultant

    The computer generated Host character R.I.C. could easily be the Master of Ceremonies for an interactive science themed game
show. Real prizes could be given away insuring a large turnout
for every show. Guests could participate via buttons placed either behind or mounted on the seats.

   It could have several different science themed shows running every hour on the hour all day long. The "Host" would never get tired, never get sick, never need time off or ever ask for a raise. The themes could be based on: Hurricanes, Electricity, The Universe, etc. It would provide the guests an experience that would be compared to "Disney" and certain World's Fair pavilions. Visitors would want to come back again & again. Kids as well as adults would absolutely love it since there isn't anything like it around.

Here is a sample of how the game show could look projected onto a theater screen.

  If you give out prizes people take notice. This could easily become one of the most popular activities. 

The Game Show concept would require a wide screen in a theater.

To the best of my knowledge this concept has NEVER
been done outside of Disney or other large theme parks.

For more info on the "Host" character, Click Here for R.I.C. (Robotic Informational Consultant)

Original Concepts by Rick Newman

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* These are original concepts from Rick Newman / HighTechScience.org / High-TechProductions.com
They may NOT be used for any reason without the express written consent of Rick Newman.

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