Authentic  NASA Lunar Rover Vehicle Model
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   This is a hand made, resin model of NASA's Lunar Rover Vehicle. It is built to 1/18 scale. The model measures 9" x7" x11".

   The model that we
have has been used
as an educational aid.

It is an authentic piece of U.S. Space History.

   This astonishing replica of the Lunar Rover is extremely accurate from the wheels, to the camera and mesh antenna. This model was sculpted with unbelievable attention to detail.
This is a photo of the Lunar Rover (LR) used during the Apollo 17 Mission in 1972.

   The Lunar Roving Vehicle highlights man’s continued exploration of the moon. This is a hand cast and hand painted, exquisitely recreated replica of one of the amazing lunar craft created in America’s efforts to conquer space. Artists worked to recreate in intricate detail this historic scene. All of the gold accents on the Lunar Roving Vehicle and the Astronauts are real 24K gold plated. The finished base is adorned with a special silver plaque. The base measures 9” x 11” and the Roving Vehicle stands a full 7” high, measured from the bottom of the base. It came with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

   The Lunar Rover Vehicle carried two astronauts along with their life-support systems, scientific equipment, and lunar samples. The Rover had an approximate range of about 92 kilometers (57 miles), allowing astronauts to place instruments and collect samples away from the immediate area of the lunar module. The vehicle had power for up to 78 hours of operation. The wheels of the lunar roving vehicles were specially designed to provide support and traction in the soft lunar soil.

   A Lunar Rover was also used during Apollo missions 16 and 17. Altogether, three Rovers were used on the Lunar surface and driven a total of 88.3 kilometers (54.8 miles). 
Here is the real Rover on the Moon's surface.

   Astronauts operated the Rovers using mostly hand controls on an instrument panel. The foil-covered television camera was operated by Mission Control in Houston. This allowed ground controllers to monitor the activities of the astronauts and photograph the launch of the lunar module ascent stage.

   The Rovers were 10 ft, 2 inches long and 6 ft wide. Their weight on the Earth is 462 lbs and they had a maximum speed of 9 miles per hour.

The model has a limited edition certificate
and is constructed on a simulated Lunar landscape.

Here is our Saturn-V Rocket Model on display at the Museum of Discovery & Science in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Here are our Lunar Lander & Lunar Rover Models on display at the Museum of Discovery & Science in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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This is just part of the  Space Collection  from the
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