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The CW Network MSNBC CNN 39 Online
WPTV TV-5 Does News Story on our Radiation Testing of Tapes & Disks sent through the Mail- December, 2001  Click for Info. WPBF TV-25 Does News Story on our SOKOL Space Suit- June 27, 2003  Click for Info. WPEC TV-12 Does News Story on our Weather Stations- November 18, 2003 Click to hear Interview
FOX/WFLX TV-29 Does News Story on our Elecric Car...   Click for Info. WXEL TV does news story on   Click Here for Info Our Robot Episode on "Science is Appealing" TV Show ABC Affiliate WPLG TV does news story of our All-Electric Vehicles
Click for Sun-Sentinel Article Click for Popular Science Story - December 2004 issue
Click for Miami Herald Article Click for BoysLife Article - July 2003 issue Robot Magazine
Click for Palm Beach Post Newspaper Articles Click for South Florida Parenting Magazine Article Museum of Discovery Press Release on our Space Artifact Collection
Newspaper Article on our Robots at the South Florida Science Museum

Wotanin Wowapi
Tribal Newspaper/Fort Peck Indian Reservation

Click for Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine Article Click for Boca Raton News Article
New Times Click for Skagit Valley Herald News Article on the Science Center in Washington
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Here are Press Releases & Other News Items

12/1/13 Back to the Future Car coming to Free Holiday Event in Boca
8/10/11's Space Artifacts Used in Sci-Fi Movie "Ares 11"
6/9/11's Halloween Show Featured in Robot Magazine
8/9/09 Robots Help a "Make-A-Wish" Family
8/6/09 Interviewed on Majic 102.7 FM
7/16/09 Electric Car Featured on MSNBC
6/15/09 Space Shuttle Tile in La Habra Museum
6/15/09 Loans Artifacts to Children's Museum
5/26/09 Loans Space Artifacts to Library
3/28/09's Robots at 2009 NarutoTrek Convention
1/19/09 Long Time Friend & the Man Inside "Lost in Space" Robot Dies
11/28/08 Hosts Free Holiday Light Show
10/30/08 Sponsors Free Haunted House
1/19/08 Restores Submarine for Museum
6/23/07 June Lockhart & Bob May Visits Our "B9 Lost in Space" Robot
3/21/07 Designs Solar Powered Train System
2/11/07 Loans Space Artifacts to G-Wiz Museum
1/13/07 The TODAY SHOW's Willard Scott visits our Full Size Robots
12/18/06 Bob May & our Robots Breaks Attendance Record at the SFSM
12/9/06 Installs IR Shark & Gator Cams at Museum
10/26/06 Rick Newman Nominated to Science Museum Board of Directors
8/21/06 Dick Tufeld (Lost in Space) Records Phrases for our B9 Robot
8/21/06 Exhibits World's Most Famous Robots
5/21/06 To Open Science Center in the Bahamas
4/21/06 Loans Middle School Electric Vehicle
2/5/06 Space Artifacts at Lunar Rock Dedication
1/27/06 Donates 22' Boat to Barton Study Center
12/5/05 gets First All-Electric Vehicle-VIN#0001
10/30/05 Survives Hurricane Wilma
3/14/05 to Judge Science Fair & Donate Prizes
12/18/04 Sends Geiger Counters to High School
9/3/04 Gets Hit By Hurricane Frances
8/28/04 Assists with School's Rocket Launch
8/2/04 Our Space Collection going to West Palm Science Museum
4/28/04 obtains Sparrow Electric Car
2/14/04 to have Electric Car at ScienceFest 2004
2/14/04 Opens Space Show in Fort Lauderdale
12/17/03 Acquires Apollo 11 Space Suit Replica
11/8/03 to have Major Space Exhibit at IMAX
10/6/03 Cosmonauts Dedicate Pictures to Science Center Founder
9/20/03 SOKOL Space Suit Unveiling Ceremony at Science Museum
9/10/03 SF Science Museum Newsletter Highlights
9/14/03 Extremely Rare Russian Space Suit Goes on Display
9/3/03 Russian Space Suits on Display care of
8/29/03 2nd School System in Montana to Get Science Center
7/7/03 Russian Cosmonaut to Dedicate Space Exhibit at Museum
7/3/03 Science Center Acquires Authentic MIR Space Station Window
6/24/03 WPBF TV-25 Does News Story on our SOKOL Space Suit
6/24/03 Science Center Acquires Authentic Russian SOKOL Space Suit
6/11/03 Tyco/American Dynamics Donates Video Systems to Centers
6/9/03 School in Florida Presents Plaque to Science Center Founder
6/3/03 E-Machines sends computers to our Science Center in Montana
5/23/03 Science Centers Participate in NASA Deep Impact Mission
5/19/03 High-Tech Productions to Sponsor School Science Fairs
5/11/03 School in Pembroke Pines, Florida Gets Science Center
4/8/03 Science & Technology Center to Open on Indian Reservation
3/26/03 High-Tech Productions to Loan Museums Space Artifacts
3/20/03 Science Centers to get International Space Collection
3/10/03 Businessman Donates Science Gear to Florida Middle School
2/10/03 Pembroke Pines JHS in Florida to get Science Center
2/1/03 Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine features Sci-Center Geodes
1/27/03 Science Center in Florida getting Airplane to put on Display
1/20/03 Camp Seminole in Florida getting Science Center
11/20/02 Scout Camp in Alabama to get New Science Center
10/26/02 King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden Visits our Alpine Science Center
10/7/02 Science Center to Help Put School Project into Space
 10/1/02 Science Centers to get Digital Weather Stations
 9/12/02 Science Centers to get Touring Space Exhibit
 8/24/02 High-Tech Productions Might Buy Florida Space Camp
 8/5/02 Washington's Fire Mountain Camp to get Science Center
 6/20/02 New Science Center Coming to Camp Stigwandish, OH
 6/12/02 Custaloga Town Scout Camp in PA Getting Science Center
 6/11/02 Camp Wisdom Chosen for New Science & Technology Center
 5/10/02 High-Tech Productions to Donate Science Centers
 3/2/02 Science Centers to get First Production Electric Car
 2/23/02 Science Center Receives Many Rewarding E-mail's
 11/16/01 High-Tech Productions Searches the World for Displays
 6/2/01 High-Tech Productions Conducts Radiation Tests on Video's

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Our items have been displayed at these Museums & Centers:
South Florida Science Museum in West Palm Beach
WPB, Florida
GWiz Science Museum in Sarasota, Florida
Sarasota, Florida
Museum of Discovery & Science in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Waterfront Pavilion in West Palm Beach
Waterfront Pavilion
The Children's Museum in La Habra, CA The Children's Museum
at La Habra, California
Boyton Beach Public Library Boynton Beach
City Library
Children's Science Explorium at Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton, FL
Boca Raton, Florida
Boynton Beach Children's Museum & Learning Center
ScienceFest 2004
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Christa McAuliffe Middle School
Boynton Beach, Florida
We also have exhibits in Children's Centers, Schools
and in our own Science & Technology Centers

We are also proud members of
We are proud members of the SETI@Home Project

The Mars Society - Join Us!

We are proud members of the National Space Society
We are proud members of the Space Frontier Foundation We are proud members of the Society for Amateur Scientists We are proud members of the American Astronautical Society

High-Tech Productions supports many organizations.
We make ongoing donations of funding and materials to:
Habitat for Humanity Special Olympics
Boca Raton Children's Museum
Save The Children Foundation Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House

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The March Of Dimes
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