Professor  R.I.C.
R obotic
I nformational
C onsultant
a original concept by: Rick Newman -

  Professor R.I.C. is a computer generated, on screen character which could also be a fully audio-animatronic robot. He could welcome visitors and inform them of the terrific experience they are about to encounter. He can also be an interactive informational tour guide that appears throughout the venue via touch screen panels giving out valuable information on exhibits, displays and upcoming events.

R.I.C. could be modeled
as a cross between the
cartoon character "Poindexter" (above) and Jerry Lewis from
"The Nutty Professor".

    Professor R.I.C. as a CG (Computer Generated) image can be a virtual "Master of Ceremonies" in a theater and programmed to say or do anything. He could even be a star attraction and interact with pre-set special effects (fans, strobes, smoke, lasers, etc) giving a "Disney" type of experience for a very small investment. On screen he could walk from one end (of a wide screen layout) to the other and act as a real person giving educational lessons and demonstrations.

    R.I.C. could also conduct a mini science themed Game Show with audience participation and give away real prizes such as gift certificates. 

    Once programmed and installed it would not involve a lot of ongoing care to keep Professor R.I.C. up and running, but could offer a long term, interactive experience that will keep people and the media thinking and talking about the venue for a long time. Kids and adults alike love robot characters and R.I.C. could easily fulfill that and so much more.

   R.I.C. could appear throughout the venue as an animatronic character, on video monitors, touch screens, projected on a wall of water, on a curtain of smoke and in mid air holographically.

Click Here to see how R.I.C. could be used in a theater

* Please Note: The name R.I.C. can of course be changed to anything we want. I am only using it now for the purpose of this presentation.

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