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Info Center & Links / High-Tech
founder Richard Newman will be one of the judges at the 2005 Sandpiper Shores Elementary School Science Fair in West Boca Raton, Florida.

Click Here for more info on the school /High-Tech will also be donating this years 1st, 2nd & 3rd grand prizes to the students that come up with the best science project. Each winner will receive a gift certificate to Edmund Scientific where they can choose from thousands of science related items, kits, books, video's, etc.

We will also be giving the top winners from each grade an AntWorks™ ant farm.

Each of these students will then go on
to the Palm Beach County Science Fair.

AntWorks™ is based on a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study animal life in space and test how ants tunnel in microgravity.

The AntWorks™ Gel is complete with nutrients to promote healthy growth in the new colony.

Watch ants live, work and tunnel in the nutritious and non-toxic gel as they create series upon series of intricate tunnels.

Easy to care for - Ants need NO food or water.

South Florida Science Museum The science fair winners will also
get free admission passes to the
South Florida Science Museum
located in West Palm Beach.

Here are some pictures from the 2005 Science Fair

About Us & Who is Richard Newman?

   Richard Newman, the owner of
High-Tech Productions, as a student won every school science fair from grades 4-12 and ultimately received 1st place in the New York State Science Fair. He also received honors from the American Institute of the City of New York and a science award from NASA which has a piece of micro film attached taken on the Lunar surface. He was also a "kiddy co-host" of a nationally broadcast science show called "Earth Lab" which was taped at CBS affiliate WBZ-TV in Boston. 

Richard Newman exhibits at the
 New York Hall of Science-1971.

  In 1971 he was chosen to exhibit one of his science projects at the Hall Of Science complex which was part of the New York World's Fair

   As a youngster, he was one project away from becoming an Eagle Scout, but did become an assistant Scoutmaster, a member of the Order of the Arrow and was a Den Chief for a Pack of Cub Scouts. 

    In 1999, High-Tech Productions (owned by Richard Newman) sponsored the first of many Science & Technology Centers. Since then, he has opened 19 science centers across the United States, sponsored school science fairs, and also has hundreds of items on display at numerous museums. One of the Science Centers is located in a middle school on a Native American Reservation. Richard also underwrote some of the costs associated with getting a school science project launched on a NASA space shuttle.

    The science centers Richard has donated have all been equipped with TV's/VCR's/DVD players, multi-media computers, digital telescopes, weather forecasting systems, butterfly/insect displays, rock/mineral/fossil exhibits, educational software, video's, DVD's, displays and posters, Geiger counters, aquariums, and many other science, space & nature related items & displays.

   Richard Newman has also amassed the World's Largest private  collection of authentic Flown Space Artifacts. The collection is so extensive that it is housed and exhibited at several science & space museums. Parts of the space collection has been highlighted on TV news programs, newspapers and magazines. In 2003-2004, the space collection was exhibited together with the IMAX film "Space Station 3D" at the Museum of Discovery in Fort Lauderdale.

For more information on what we have done, Click Here

High-Tech Productions
is proud to help
bring science & technology to kids of all ages.

Here are links to some Fun Activities & Great Places to Visit

Read what the Press say's about our
"Science & Technology Centers"

Click Here for current News, Articles and Press Releases

We are also proud members of
We are proud members of the SETI@Home Project

The Mars Society - Join Us!

We are proud members of the National Space Society
We are proud members of the Space Frontier Foundation We are proud members of the Society for Amateur Scientists We are proud members of the American Astronautical Society

High-Tech Productions supports many organizations.
We make ongoing donations of funding and materials to:
Habitat for Humanity Special Olympics
Boca Raton Children's Museum
Save The Children Foundation Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House
TAG (Together Against Gangs)
The March Of Dimes
The March of Dimes
Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts of America

The Science & Technology Center at Camp Seminole was Donated by:
High-Tech Productions

#1  Video
/ Data / Disc Company!
Serving clients coast-to-coast for over 25 years

Our  Customers  Include:  IBM,  NASA,  CNN,  Penn State,  Raytheon,  U.S. Navy,  Compaq,  MTV, Bloomingdale's,  Boeing,  U.S. Postal Service,  Intel,  Estee Lauder,  U.S. Coast Guard,  NYU,  Wang Computers,  Hewlett Packard, College of Aviation,  Henry Ford Health System,  U.S. Naval Academy, Apple Computer,  U.S. Dept. of Energy,  Sunbeam,  Ohio State University,  National Park Service,  Universal Video,  Wolf Camera,  Sea Ray Boats,  Allied Aerospace,  Westinghouse,  FEMA,  John Hopkins University,  U.S. Department of Agriculture,  and  many  more.

Click Here for complete company information

High-Tech Productions    Boca Raton, FL       800 662-8336

This web site is intended for educational purposes & to
further enhance the learning experience for kids of all ages.

The Science Centers are provided by High-Tech Productions,
a privately owned company located in Florida.

Our purpose is to bring new technologies to the youth of America.
There is never an admission fee or cover charge.

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