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Info Center & Links has made several
modifications & additions to our Sparrow vehicles.

1)  We have changed most of the interior and exterior incandescent & quartz bulbs to LED's which consume MUCH less power. 

Some people may say that this wouldn't do much, however, the power saved by switching to LED's could make all the difference when you need to go just a few blocks more on a low charge.

2)  We also installed a cut off switch for the front headlight. Since most of our driving is done during the day, turning the headlight off saves a considerable amount of power which of course means you can go just a little bit farther on a charge. Again, this can mean the

difference between getting home and having to push your vehicle because it ran out of power.
(Check your local laws before making this modification)

3) Our Sparrow has been exhibited at Science Centers, Schools and Museums. To add to the "Wow" factor, we've installed a high-powered, green laser into the back. The beam shoots through either of the rear windows and projects a laser light show onto any surface we aim it on. The system produces over 200 patterns and can easily been seen over a mile away.

4)  Since the reception on the Sparrow
radios was never the greatest, we've installed "XM" Satellite receivers and now get crystal clear, all digital, commercial free music.

5) Because you really can't see behind you when backing up, we've added a reverse sensor which gives an audible 
& visual indication of how far you can back up before hitting something or someone. Rear distance meter

6) A major upgrade was replacing the original Kilovac high voltage controller with the latest state-of-the-art Zilla 1000 amp Controller Package. The Zilla units are by far the most powerful motor controller available for electric vehicles.
Zilla 1000 amp High Voltage Controller
Zilla 1000 amp Controller
Zilla Digital Controller Interface
Zilla Digital Controller Interface
Click Here to go to the "Zilla" (Cafe Electric) Web Site

7) Another "Wow" factor addition was by placing a multi-colored LED light system beneath the car. It can produce 7 colors and 20 different chasing patterns.  Underbody Lighting

8) We installed a power inverter system. The unit can generate 110 volts and deliver up to 200 watts. This allows us to plug electrical devices (video projector, etc.) directly into the vehicle. 12 to 110 Volt Power Inverter

9) The 10 foot charging cord that comes with the Sparrow is a little to short to easily plug the car in. We took the vehicle connector plug off and placed it onto a heavy duty, 12 gauge, 3 conductor, 25 foot extension cord. 25 foot Charging Cable

10) To power the lights, laser, strobes, etc. which we added to the vehicle, we installed a 12 volt, 7amp rechargeable battery and VoltWatch monitor in the rear compartment. We located the transformer/charger under the hood and added a 3-way electrical adapter where the main system is plugged in. This way when the car is recharged, it also charges up the auxiliary 12 volt circuit.
12 Volt, 7 Amp Battery
12 Volt, 7 Amp Battery
Aux Battery Monitoring System
Aux Battery Monitoring System

11) Because wherever we go a crowd forms asking questions (how far, how fast, how much, etc.)
we installed a small LED sign on the dashboard
which gives info on the vehicle.
Electronic LED Sign gives out info

12) We replaced the in dash radio with an FM/CD/MP3/DVD player that has a 3" color monitor built into the face. The unit can also receive Sirius satellite radio. 
In-dash radio/CD/DVD/CCTV system The JVC model KV-AVX1 FM/CD/DVD Player has both audio/video inputs & outputs.

13) With the above in dash stereo w/color monitor, we installed a rear view camera into the back of the Sparrow. It's great when backing up. It has built in IR LED's so it can see in total darkness. Rear View Video Camera with Night Vision
Rear View CCTV Video Camera mounted in our Sparrow Here you can see the CCTV Video Camera that we installed into the back of our 2001 Sparrow giving the driver an excellent rear view when backing up.

Check back for other modifications we
have made to our Sparrow & NmG Vehicles

Helpful Hints for Improved Performance

1) We have found that it is better to recharge the vehicles at night when temperatures are cooler. This is especially true if you live in a warm climate such as Florida. 
2) If you must recharge during the day, try to park the vehicle in the shade so the sun does not add any additional heat to the car.


You should never recharge the batteries immediately after driving the vehicle. The batteries should be allowed to cool down prior to charging. Wait approx. 1 hour after driving before you charge the batteries.

Here are some links to other sites that deal with the Sparrow

Myers Motors Manufacturers the Sparrow
Sparrow Group Online forum & support group for the Sparrow.
Owners Manual Sparrow Owners Manual online
Optima Batteries The official site for Sparrow batteries
Cafe' Electric Home of the Zilla Controller
EV Club Electric car owners club (Mainly for the Citicar)
Electric Drive Org. Electric drive transportation association
Homepower Magazine Magazine on solar and wind power.
EV Links Links to Electric Car Clubs and Associations.
Alternative Fuel U.S. Dept. of Energy's Alternative Fuel site.
DC Power Systems Makers of the Raptor Controller
Gates Rubber Co. Makes the Main Belt for the Sparrow
Kilovac Controllers Makes the Kilovac Controller (Now owned by Tyco)
Wilwood Company Makes the Brakes for the Sparrow
Zivan Company Makes the Sparrow Charger
Curtis Instruments Makes the Curtis Controller
Xantrex Makes the Sparrow E-Meter
EV Trading Post Buy, Trade & Sell your Electric Vehicle
Electric Online Electric Car Forum
Electrifying Times Electric Vehicle Magazine
AC Propulsion Inc. Makers of electric vehicles
AVT EV conversions and hybrids
Battery M.D., Inc. Lab Battery Testing, Design, and Integration
CalStart Advanced Transportation Info Interchange
BCRI Center for Alternative Fuels Research
Carolina EV Challenge High school electric vehicle program
China Hyper Battery Power Lithium Battery for Electric Vehicle
Cloud Elec. Vehicles Electric conversions, supplies and vehicles
Compact Power Inc. Compact Power Electric Racer
Dept of Energy (DOE) Hybrid Electric & Fuel Cell Vehicles
Electric Auto Association, (EAA) Source of info for Electric Vehicles
Electric Car Traders Free Electric or Hybrid database Search!
Electro Automotive Electric vehicle kits, parts, books, & videos
EV1 General Motor's EV1 site
GEM A unique new electric vehicle
Gorilla Vehicles Single seat electric utility vehicles
ISE Corporation Heavy hybrid EV busses and trucks
Solectria Corporation Electric vehicle manufacturer
ZZZAP POWER Parts, alternators, inverters, chargers would like to thank the people at
Myers Motors for providing us with several vehicles and for all
of their help obtaining information, parts and pictures.
also owns the World's First
Production Model Electric Car

Our yellow electric car is the only one of it's kind
known to still be running and licensed for road use.
It is owned & operated in Florida by 
High-Tech Productions

Yellow Electric Car owned by High-Tech  Yellow Electric Car owned by High-Tech  Yellow Electric Car owned by High-Tech

This car, originally made in 1980, is now equipped with a high resolution color video system, computerized alarm system, high powered strobes, electronically controlled underbody neon lighting, dual laser light units, computerized multi-color LED electronic sign, interior color changing neon system and a high powered digital self-contained music and wireless public address system with  AM / FM / CD / MP3  playback.

 All electronic components were installed by  High-Tech Productions.

Science Fest 2004 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Our Electric Car was displayed
at the Department of Energy's
Science Fest 2004
held at the
Broward County Convention Center
in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Click Here for Info

Click Here for more info on our electric Cars

Here are some links to other electric cars,
solar powered cars and alternate fuel vehicles.

AC Propulsion Inc. Makers of electric vehicles
EV conversions and hybrids
Battery M.D., Inc.
Lab Battery Testing, Design, and Integration
BCRI-Centre for Alternative Transportation Fuels Research
CalStart Advanced Transportation Information Interchange
Carolina EV Challenge High school electric vehicle program
Central Shenandoah Valley Regional Governor's School EV Team
China Hyper Battery Co. LTD. Power Lithium Battery for Electric Vehicle

Cloud Electric Vehicles
Electric conversions, supplies and racing vehicles
Compact Power Inc.
Compact Power Electric Racer
Curtis Instruments, Inc. Electric vehicle components manufacturer
Department of Energy (DOE) Hybrid Electric Vehicle Program
Electric Auto Association, (EAA) Source of info for electric vehicles Electric cars, hybrids, SUV's and electric conversions
Electric Hybrid Vehicles
Electric Vehicle Traders Free Electric or Hybrid database Search!
Electro Automotive electric vehicle kits, parts, training, books, & videos
Electronic Parts On Sale electric vehicle & general components
EV1 General Motor's EV1 site
A unique new electric vehicle

Gorilla Vehicles
Single seat electric utility vehicles
ISE Corporation
Heavy hybrid EV busses and trucks
Prisum Solar Car Project

Solectria Corporation Electric vehicle manufacturer
ZZZAP POWER Electronic parts, alternators, inverters, converters, chargers

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This web site is intended for educational purposes & to
further enhance the learning experience for kids of all ages.

Our purpose is to bring new technologies to the youth of America
and to promote science and space research & education.

There is never an admission fee or cover charge
nor do do we sell any products or services.

The Science Centers are donated by High-Tech Productions,
a privately owned company located in Florida.

Our All-Electric Vehicles are loaned out and displayed at
schools, museums and science symposiums
Free of Charge