Interactive "US Spaceflight"   CD-ROM
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Take A Venture Into Outer Space

U.S. SPACEFLIGHT is a CD-ROM set that interactively explores the history of U.S. spaceflight and includes hours of historic space footage supplied by NASA covering all of the manned programs.  See projects Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and the Space Shuttle.  Feel the sheer power of the Saturn V Rocket and the exhilaration of taking that first step on the moon.  

U.S. Spaceflight explores in detail, projects Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, International Space Station and the Space Shuttle. Experience the successful 40+ year history of America's Manned Space Program!

Each of the CD's in this collection is a standalone product; together they make a truly impressive, fascinating collection!

Summary of content for each CD includes:

Project Mercury

  • America's first manned exploration of space, the Mercury Program featured nine missions, six of which were piloted, that gave the U.S. valuable experience in launching astronauts into space and returning them safely to Earth. Each capsule's name ended with the number 7, indicating the number of astronauts chosen for the project. Mercury spacecraft were designed to carry one person each; were 26 feet tall (including the launch escape rocket system); and weighed 17,500 pounds. Flight attitude was controlled by 18 thrusters operated manually by the astronaut. The cabin contained pure oxygen at one-third the atmospheric pressure of Earth.

Project Gemini

  • Featuring 10 manned missions over 1964-1966, Gemini allowed NASA to develop the techniques needed to fly to the Moon, land and return to Earth safely. The focus of each mission was to place two men in space, rendezvous and dock with another spacecraft, as well as to test space suit design while working in zero gravity through space walks. The Gemini spacecraft design was very similar to Mercury, although Gemini spacecraft had a re-entry heat shield and control thrusters, weighed 8,400 pounds and carried two astronauts. The hatch was also redesigned to allow being opened in space for EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity). The Gemini spacecraft was capable of staying in orbit for over 10 days.

Project Apollo

  • Project Apollo was developed to meet the challenge made by President Kennedy in 1961 to land on the moon by the end of 1969. Drawing on the knowledge and experience gained from Mercury and Gemini, NASA designed a series of missions that culminated in July 1969 with the landing of Apollo 11, commanded by Neil Armstrong, on the Moon. This CD details the early Apollo mission achievements, hardware and scientific rewards as well as the tragic loss of Apollo 1 and its three astronauts. Project Apollo flew two spacecraft: The Command Module and the Lunar Module. Both vehicles were essential in completing the moon mission. The Apollo command module featured nearly four times more interior space than the Gemini module.

Project Skylab

  • Assembled from Apollo Saturn rocket parts, Skylab -- the first American space station -- was launched in 1973 and served as a laboratory for scientific experiments until the following year. There were three manned missions beginning with Skylab 2, which spent most of its time at the station trying to repair damage caused during its launch. Skylab 3, the second piloted mission, remained in space for 59 days conducting medical, scientific and Earth observations. Skylab 4, the final manned mission, ended in 1974 after a duration of nearly 2 months; shortly before Skylab was destroyed upon entering the Earth's atmosphere. America did not attempt to place another permanent laboratory in space for nearly 25 more years.

Space Shuttle &
International Space Station

  • The world's first reusable spacecraft, the Space Shuttle is explored in detail on the sixth and final CD in this collection. Provides detailed assembly descriptions, flight preparations, and launches. Also includes a trip into orbit and a tour of the shuttle during a mission. The International Space Station is detailed through assembly animation supplied by NASA as well as a detailed explanation of future plans.

Operating System Requirements:

Pentium processor or better
8X CD-ROM or faster
16MB RAM or more
2MB Graphics Card or higher
Sound Card , Speakers & Mouse

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High-Tech Productions Science & Technology Centers

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